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Since 1897, the Town and Gown Club has offered its members carefully chosen programs that educate and entertain. New friends are made and old friendships strengthened through participation in Club activities.

Town & Gown seeks women who wish to

  • Develop new friendships

  • Attend intellectually stimulating and entertaining programs

  • Strengthen ties between the Club and the University of California, Berkeley


Meetings and Activities 

  • Members’ meetings traditionally take place on alternate Monday afternoons from September through May. They feature a variety of topics about art, music, travel and current events. Meetings are followed by a social hour featuring a catered tea with sweets and savories.  

  • Six Book Review Luncheons are held once a month on Tuesdays, beginning in October. 

  • Open Thursdays take place once a month October through May, usually in the early afternoon, and are a less formal opportunity for unique presentations by members or their guests. 

  • ​Dramatically inclined Town and Gown members produce a play annually in March. 

  • ​An annual Wine Tasting.​

  • There are two luncheons at the clubhouse in the Fall and in the Spring. 

  • There are no membership meetings in June, July, or August.​

For information about membership, please contact us by filling out the form below. 



Thank you. Someone will contact your shortly.

Town & Gown Club is an IRC sec 501(c)(7) private women’s club organized for pleasure, recreation, and other nonprofitable purposes. Its central purpose is to provide its members the social benefits of personal contact and commingling with other members, fellowship among members, sharing of active interests among members and sharing of goals by members justifying the Club’s existence. Membership is by invitation only. Access to the clubhouse is restricted to members and their guests. Members’ rights and privileges include active members’ right to vote and determine management, operation, and control of the club. Members’ duties include payment of initiation fee and annual dues. No part of the Club’s net earnings inures to the benefit of any member. The Club does not discriminate against individuals seeking membership on the basis of race, color or religion.

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